Serving about 450 students, imaginative students, the Elementary Stage challenges children with the same types of critical thinking and problem solving activities emphasized in later grades. Small classes give teachers ample opportunity to connect with students, nurture their curiosity and promote the many joys of learning. Most faculty and staff hold advanced degrees, and the school offers a guidance counseling program, as well as a full time learning specialist.Students in grades first through third learn in self contained classrooms. The core curriculum focuses on English, mathematics, science and social studies. Reading is taught using phonics, while math and science make use of engaging, hands on approach. Enrichment classes include computer science, art, music, boys and girls choir, and library. Physical education in these early grades emphasizes inclusion, wide experimentation with various sports, and the lessons of teamwork.The Elementary Stage includes religious studies, and we also offer sessions for Holy Quran recitation and for religious instruction. In addition.