The goal of the Kindergarten program is not only to promote Elementary Stage readiness, but also to seek and find the passion of each individual child and nurture it. The program emphasizes the development of social, emotional, and academic skills through self-initiated and directed activities and play. Social and emotional growth are encouraged through decision making, problem solving, recognizing and taking care of one’s own needs, expressing one’s feelings, group participation, recognizing and being sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, and dealing with conflict.Academic skills are developed through the core curriculum consisting of Arabic, religion, English, math, science and art are taught through fine and gross motor skills, socialization, perception, sensory experiences. Skills in visual and auditory recognition, sequencing, and memory are introduced and expanded.In addition, a Kindergarten Performing Arts program encourages each child to find his/her artistic strengths and talents, facilitates social and emotional growth, and promotes confidence and self-esteem.