Intermediate Stage is a period of great change as children mature into self directed students managing a more demanding schedule that includes Arabic, religion, English, math, the sciences, computer science and physical education. Emphasis is placed on mastery of subject matter, but teaching methods continue to promote creative thinking and highly interactive learning.Small classes are still the rule, and each student’s day includes departmentalized instruction in six 40 minute periods. Time management becomes crucial for success as students begin to formalize study habits that will serve them throughout their academic years, and beyond.Each student meets regularly with a faculty advisor who helps addresses issues in academic, social or after school life. Extracurricular activities also expand in Intermediate Stage. There are more than a dozen new clubs and activities to consider, including student council, literary magazine, chess club, and a athletic teams.A variety of major class trips is offered, with groups headed to destinations like museums, parks and aquariums.