For many, Secondary Stage represents a defining period in their lives. Having mastered the academic and personal management challenges of the lower grades, students intensify their studies and extra mural activities in preparation for college selection.Academic subjects include Arabic, religion, English, math, the sciences, computer science and physical education, but each takes on new dimensions as students delve deeper into areas they may choose to pursue in their higher academic careers.College admission orientation begins in tenth grade, and in their twelfth grade, students meet individually with college counselors to refine their higher education strategies.Seniors also take an active role in exploring colleges through correspondence, campus visits and interviews with visiting college representatives. Sports also take a sharper focus as student athletes refine their skills to qualify for competitive teams. In addition, there are many more opportunities to participate in community service, performing arts, religious activities and clubs.As graduation approaches, it is gratifying to reflect on the many changes our students have made. Maturing into confident, capable young adults, they’ve built lifelong friendships, impressive academic resumes and solid foundations of physical, spiritual and intellectual health.